Hire Venue London Based For Charitable Events

Hire venue London wide choices can make planning an event overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re organising a charitable event such as a drinks reception, awards ceremony or exhibition event. You’ll want to impress your donors with the surroundings but, at the same time, you’ll be acutely aware that a failure will reflect badly on the charity. So, you need to find a venue hire London based option that is going to adapt to your needs as a charity and help you deliver an event that reflects well on your charity.

Venues to hire in London are available in so many areas that you may instinctively choose somewhere outside of the centre. However, this disregards the reason that many charities choose to host events in London in the first place; the easy connectivity of the Capital ensures that more people are likely to attend your event. If they instead need to travel to the outskirts of the City, the benefits of this central location are diminished somewhat. So, by choosing a London venue hire option within the centre of the City, you’ll be more accessible to guests from both the UK and beyond.

For a charitable event such as an awards dinner, networking is a crucial aspect of the day. This is one reason why larger venues can cater more efficiently for your needs. The can offer a main area and additional smaller rooms. Smaller rooms or breakout areas can be particularly useful for charitable events, allowing you to structure an event that works for you. Venues to hire London wide can only offer such flexible space options, if they have the space to work with and are willing to adapt to their clients’ needs. Choosing a venue with a good history allows your charitable event more prestige, it also means your requirements are more likely be met.

The QEII Centre has been in operation for over 30 years and we host upwards of 400 events every year. We have long been an event venue of choice for charitable events of all sizes, able as we are to cater for anything from a 20-guest event up to a 1200-guest event. In terms of London venues to hire, we are one of the most prestigious and most central venues, with views over Westminster and Parliament Square. Call our team on +44 (0) 207798 4000 to find out more about our venue, or visit our website at for an interactive floor plan.