1 Jul

25 days to celebrate 25 years

In the first of a series of blogs from our staff to mark our 25th Anniversary, Sarah Page, our newest recruit, shares her experiences of The QEIICC. The 24th June marked 25 years for The Centre, and 25 DAYS of Sarah working here:

In two weeks time I officially graduate from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts with a BA (hons) in Theatre Performance Technology. So to already be working at The QEIICC is quite an achievement.

As an AV Technician I work as part of the Interface team to set up and run lighting, sound and data for the many conferences and events we hold here. I’ve been really lucky to join such a great team of skilled and dedicated people. Most importantly though, they all know how to have laugh, so the banter keeps us going on busy days! Since I’ve got here it’s been pretty busy, we have odd days where it’s quite but there’s always something to do.

Moving to London from Liverpool was a little daunting to start with but it really wasn’t anything to worry about. The QEIICC is in a great location situated opposite Westminster Abbey with everything so close by, and on my lunch break I quite often go for a walk to explore the area and see the sights such as Big Ben (and shops!).

So far I’m loving the job, the people, the city and the lifestyle. I’m pretty lucky really…

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