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25 tweets to mark 25 years

The Queen Elizabeth II Centre celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2011. To mark the occasion we used Twitter to ask key industry spokespeople, event organisers and suppliers to tell us the innovation that they think has made the most impact on the events industry over the last 25 years.

It sparked quite a response and the top 25 tweets we received are below:

#25QEIICC innovation: ‘Unlike 25 yrs ago, MICE now recognised as valuable sector by nations, regions & cities’ Sydney Paulden @ITCMmagazine

#25QEIICC innovation: ‘mobile phones, whatever you need there’s an app for it, or there will be soon’ Michelle Chenery @ITCMmagazine

#25QEIICC innovation: ‘25 yrs ago we used glass slides – chaos. Then PowerPoint invented, most important change evr!’ Martin Lewis @meetpie

#25QEIICC innovation: ‘internet changed events forever. All could access info, so organisers had 2 show add value’ Rochelle Long @meetpie

#25QEIICC innovation: ‘The realisation that association executives are real people too’ Rob Spalding AMI @meetpie

#25QEIICC innovation: ‘The intro of hosted buyer programme took international meetings industry 2 new level’ Paul Colston @Conference_News

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘Comfy shoes!’ Mike Fletcher @MikeyFletch

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘The Event Safety Guide -where would events profs be without that purple bible’ Caroline Clift @StandOutMag

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘Internet, open regional events 2 world: instant comms, bring people 2gether virtually 2 improve f2f’ @harrisonrobert

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘The single European market may still fail banks but it helped shape border-free event explosion’ @MikeBellDotEu

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘Internet/email has 2 B crucial. Imagine how long it took 2 manage event solely by phn, letter & fax’ @Universal_WE

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘The dialogue: more conversations before, during and after events due to social media’ from @Amsterdam_RAI

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘Barcode registration management – only effective way to check in 1000 delegates in under an hour!’ @eventsnorthern

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘LOGOC auditing its contractors & suppliers thus forcing industry 2B more professional’ @SammyWilson

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘The increase in the number of event management students coming into the industry’ Paul Cook @planetplanitbiz

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘The use of audience interaction tools – ensures they can’t fall asleep!’ Sue Etherington @TheQEIICC

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘The impact & importance of providing a sustainable catering service 2 clients’ Leiths compassgroupuk limevenues

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘Innovative minds creating successful conferences- confirming events will prosper & survive’ Ernest Vincent CEO QEIICC

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘The move from analogue to digital systems’ Deborah Jones @TheQEIICC

#25QEIICC Innovation: “Our access to instant information now is astounding” Ray Bloom, Chairman IMEX Group

#25QEIICC innovation: ‘Winning the Olympics’ Jonathan Byrne eventsJB ISES_UK

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘The advent of social media & its ability to extend an event community, before, during & after’ @MexiaPR

#25QEIICC Innovation: ‘Academia’s recognition that events industry is a subject worth studying & researching’ Rob Davidson Uni of Greenwich

#25QEIICC Innovation: “Social Media – an excellent way to increase shelf life of events and to maximise value to guests.” @Williamevents

#25QEIICC Innovation: “Internet enabled devices that enable organisers to manage their events wherever they are” Ken Clayton @RefTechServices

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