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6 Tips For Negotiating The Best Rates With Venues

Whether you’re booking your event at QEII Centre or elsewhere, you’ll get the best results if you ensure your venue knows what’s important to you.

Build trust. Build a relationship of trust with the venue. You should be able to share your budget in the confidence that the venue will work with you to get you the most for your money and maximise ROI.

Share your goals. Make sure the venue fully understands the objectives and desired outcomes of your event. Knowing what is important to the success of your event will help your venue tailor a package for you that will deliver the results you want.

Explain the ratings. Explain how the ROI of your event will be assessed; there may be factors relevant to your organisation or industry that a venue will not be familiar with.

Compare. Be fully aware of the full range of services and added extras that the venue is offering so you can compare like with like. QEII Centre offers complete packages of room hire and audio visual, which may look more expensive than another venue’s room hire costs. But compared with all the “add-ons” at other venues, we actually offer great value for money.

Challenge. Challenge the venue to be innovative; there are many elements of an event that have great value to you as an organiser but actually cost very little to supply, such as access to the Centre’s Wi-Fi for your key staff members.

Speak up. If you don’t believe the contacts you are working with have your best interest in mind, escalate your concerns. Any good business will wish to engage and retain long-term relationships, especially in a recession. If your venue doesn’t demonstrate this to you, it may be time to shop around.

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