5 Dec

Christmas Party Tips: How to Avoid Disaster at Your Festive Party!

1. Don’t embarrass yourself in front of your boss

This doesn’t mean you can’t drink, just don’t do it on an empty stomach! But if you are too busy schmoozing to chomp down a few canapés, ensure you enjoy the fine wine slowly, gargling it around your mouth for as long as you can. This is less out of pretentiousness and more to delay the next inevitable gulp.

Without taking these precautions you could find yourself standing in the middle of the dance floor, colleagues and directors are all around, twerking like there’s no tomorrow. But there will be a tomorrow and it won't be pretty…

2. Choose your venue wisely

The last thing you want is for everyone to get food poisoning, or worse, for the place to run out of alcohol. Book a venue that has been recommended and is going to be a treat for your team… and maybe do a food tasting session first! And if you do a wine tasting, re-read tip 1!

3. Trust the musical taste of whoever selects the playlist

Avoid music that has you gazing at your shoes during starters. If a co-worker shows interest in choosing the playlist, and then proceeds to bemoan the lack of good progressive rock (with 12 minute, haunting guitar solos) then perhaps re-think their kind offer. It’s a party, make sure it’s upbeat! And after all, what is Christmas party without Wizzard’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day?

4. Feed people before anything else

Avoid a stampede to the buffet and make sure everyone is fed before anything else. Hold speeches after dinner when everyone is full and a little bit tipsy, and your colleagues will probably find your words a whole lot wittier. Likewise, if you are doing Secret Santa, I guarantee a novelty mug and Christmas socks will be much better received when everyone is in a merry slump! 

5. Look out for strays

There will always be one or two who will wander off. Have someone covering the exit to keep The Great Escape down to a minimum. The last thing you want is an empty dance floor, or for someone ending up in the kitchen and drawing the wrath of an angry chef!  

*there are no angry chef’s in our venue by the way, they are all lovely!*

Bonus tip: Forget the above

The most memorable parties are riddled with disaster! They could be talking about your party for years…


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