4 Nov

Five minutes with Raffi Eghiayan – Owner of Face Ltd

The QEII Centre benefits from a great deal of repeat business. In this blog, Raffi Eghiayan, Owner of Face Ltd, explains the appeal of the venue and how it attracts delegates from across the world.

Raffi, why did you choose the QEII Centre for your conference?

FACE, or the Facial Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition hosts many professionals from all over the world in the sector of aesthetic medicine. The only place that I felt could match the conference is the QEII Centre. It has an excellent reputation as an internationally renowned conference centre and is based in Westminster, the heart of our capital city.

It’s an impressive venue and the all-round experience our delegates receive from catering to hospitality contributes to our repeat business.

Please can you give us a brief outline of your conference?

FACE is the largest conference in the UK of its kind and brings together world experts on facial aesthetics. Due to the complexity of the subject matter and the size of the conference audience we require access to the best technology and personable settings to deliver keynote speeches. The QEII Centre provides all the aspects that help deliver a conference of this kind, large spaces for exhibition and well presented lecture theatres.

What feedback to do you receive about the QEII Centre?

Delegates always provide positive feedback about the QEII Centre, from the staff through to the catering. It’s always a pleasure to pass on good comments to the team at QEII.

Finally, please tell us about the success of your conference.

The conference is now in its 13th year and the numbers continue to grow. We already have bookings for 2015 and expect attendance to set a new record. For more information email me on info@face-ltd.com

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