29 May

Flower Power: The Art of Nature

Collaboration is a Millennial concept – people combining their resources to create something that none of them could produce on their own.  And so we teamed up with photographer Chris Taylor and printing company Igma Imaging to create this true celebration of Nature.

One of Chris’ specialities is macro images of flowers. We wanted images that showed the intense and powerful mystery of nature at its best. Using pastel colours on one side and intense, rich colours on the other we wanted to show the impact of nature on our moods.

The cascading flower arrangement brings the images to life and helps us to connect with nature, whilst softening the rather unforgiving structure of the metal framework.

Our thanks to Igma Imaging for helping with the implementation. Igma proved that you can print onto pretty much any material but also helped to demonstrate how the actual printing process impacts the way the flower is perceived… the fragile image of the white rose on the clingfilm works well with the translucence of the material but also with the ethereal, enigmatic nature of flowers.  The blue anemones on the spades, on the other hand, hold their own in a much more prosaic and robust environment.

This is part of a series of works celebrating nature, sustainability, environmental awareness and craftsmanship.

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