7 Oct

Get That Friday Feeling


Welcome to our first ever Friday Feeling newsletter. In our 30th birthday year, we would like to celebrate the weird and wonderful with you. We have put together a few things that brought a smile to our faces and we hope it will do the same for you. Enjoy!

Man vs. Food

Dieting Challenge

Here at QEII we have an insatiable appetite for all things over the top and outrageous, so we’ve been scouring the streets of London to find some of the toughest Man vs Food challenges out there. First up, Meat Liquor’s Triple Chili Challenge. In the space of just 10 minutes, Meat Liquor is challenging you to eat a green chilli cheeseburger, chili hot dog and chili cheese fries. That’s approximately 3,420 calories and a lot of spice, but win and not only do you get the food for free, you could can skip the queue for life. If you’ve tried this challenge and succeeded, let us know!

Watch Me Whip…

two friendly horses playing at green meadow

Don’t let any neigh-sayers tell you otherwise – horses can talk! Well, they can communicate by nodding at symbols, but that’s basically the same thing, right? A group of horses in Norway have learnt how to tell their owners if they’re hot or cold using a special ‘horse code’, nodding at pictures of symbols to ask to have their coats taken off or put on. Let’s just hope they’re happy, or it’ll be all nag, nag, nag…

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Payday Splurge

Feeling flush after last week’s payday? Want to impress your friends with your discerning taste in fine food and drink? Why not serve up some of the world’s most expensive caviar next time they come to visit. Almas, a caviar from the Iranian Beluga fish, is produced from the eggs of a rare albino sturgeon aged between 60 and 100 years old. Also known as ‘black gold’, you can get your hands on this rare delicacy for just £20,000 per kilo. Bargain!


Inspired by Norway’s talking horses, we’ve found the perfect way to get into shape while having fun – oh, so much fun. You don’t see too many fat horses, and we assume that’s why Joanna Rohrback came up with Prancercise – an innovative workout that combines the springy gait of a horse with pure unbridled elation. Don’t believe us?  Check out the video below;

Bananas for bananas

Ever wondered how many bananas QEII gets through in a year? Thought not, but we did and so we got our calculators and scales out to do some sums – in the past year we’ve got through 1,644.5 kilos of bananas, which at an average of 120g per banana means 13,700 bananas were eaten in a year. And if you can’t imagine what 13,700 bananas look like – it’s the equivalent weight of two great white sharks!

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