17 Mar


Welcome to another edition of our Friday Feeling blog series. We hope it puts a smile on your face or makes you laugh out loud!

OAP – old age prisoner

Spring is finally here; the temperature is getting warmer and it’s no longer total darkness when we all leave the office, who could be happier? One little old lady loving life at the moment is Annie from the Netherlands, who this week ticked off her life-long dream of being put behind bars. Luckily for Annie, she’d done no wrong and was only on the inside for a matter of minutes to fulfil her bucket list. The 99-year old couldn’t look happier.

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Careful what you click for

Avoiding the controversy of February’s Oscars, our fail of the month includes some of the biggest online shopping disasters – something we’ve all been victims of. From false advertisement to misunderstandings with size, these shoppers are proof of how important it is to read the small print before buying.

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Going Underground!

London Underground, the capital’s treasured – and at times most stressful – method of transport sees more than 1.3 billion journeys made each year. Whether pushed up against the train door during rush hour or gliding through the empty platforms at the end of the night, you’re never short of bizarre hearings and sightings as you journey through London. We’ve found a selection of sightings that celebrate the unique atmosphere of the capital’s transportation hub.

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Weird & Wonderful World Records

Nowadays there’s pretty much a world record for anything, from the world’s wealthiest cat to the longest distance cycled backwards whilst playing a violin, you name it, it’s probably been done. In 2009 the world record for the most snails stuck on a human face was set at 43, and we reckon if you go out to your back garden you can challenge this. We’ve found a selection of world-records for you to try your hand at this weekend!

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Ramsay’s review

If you’re not one of chef Gordon Ramsay’s 4 million twitter followers, then you may be missing out on his antics this week. The fiery chef famous for his critical outbursts has taken to the social media platform to review some of the public’s meals, and of course, chef Ramsay was far from impressed. “John your rice looks older than me….” is one of favourite critiques.

Ramsay’s tweets


Smile for the camera!

We’ve all tried to get our pets posing for pictures, but how many can say they’ve got a shot as good a this? Like us, you’ve probably never heard of the Australian quokka, part of the kangaroo and wallaby family. Arguably the world’s happiest animal, the species famous for posing in selfies certainly isn’t camera shy, as you can see by this Quokka’s pure delight in meeting an unexpected tourist.

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Oh crumbs!

Did you know that 93% of people across the country munch a biscuit every day? In 2015, us brits ate our way through £1.8bn and 420,000 tonnes of our favourite sweet treats. Here at QEII our delegates get through 2,700 biscuits each week, that’s 67,500 biscuits a year! We’re certainly behind the nations love for the crunchy snack.

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