10 Feb

Fully immersed: Sital Chandarana, Eventologists


The very first reaction is the only one that matters when it comes to measuring success in creating wow-factor moments, says Sital Chandarana, MD of Eventologists, the mastermind behind our immersive #outsidethebox secret garden, pop-up circus tent and 1950s drive-thru cinema extravaganza.

Why do people love themed experiences?

Themed events are a way of escaping the norm and people like to let their imaginations run away. It almost feels naughty I suppose. The grin on a person’s face when they see a normal space transformed into a magical theme, they almost become children and therefore take it as their pass to behave differently.

What makes events memorable?

Immersive interaction! People need to be wowed by their first interaction with their new, themed environment. Secondly, they must be allowed freely to be a part of this magic world!

What types of brands are you working with and what types of events are you helping them create?

We work with a variety of brands from local and national charities, to medium, large-scale corporates.

We work with a number of agencies and in turn help them deliver their clients’ objectives through brand activation experiences, corporate award events and parties. Some of the clients we are working with at the moment include Mitchells and Butler, Google, Virgin Media, P&G, Compass Group, Eversheds and the Hilton Metropole group.

Is theming reserved for companies with big budgets?

Not at all. A number of our international clients have many divisions with small teams who would like us to deliver to their teams. They want exciting and immersive experiences for budgets as low as £3,000.

How do you keep pace with the ‘next big thing’ and ensure you’re always offering creative brilliance?

A question we get asked all the time. We love what we do and we are good at what we do. What gives us joy is the reaction on people’s faces and this is the inspiration we need to constantly deliver – different events, offering different experiences. We research arts, culture, fashion and food because these areas are what we all experience. It doesn’t matter what your background is, we all live and breathe the above four areas.

What’s the 2016 definition of ‘experiential’?

Immersive, experiential brand activation all leads to one thing and this one thing is what all our clients strive for us to deliver – ENGAGEMENT! Engaging your audience is the most important thing, whether they are employees or customers. It’s all about engagement!

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