1 Jul

Future Technology In Meetings

The Queen Elizabeth II Centre (QEIICC) invited 25 clients to attend a forum on the Future of Technology in Meetings. A panel of 5 leading experts in this industry, both proposers and opposers shared their views in a controversial but important subject – Virtual v’s Live Debate. Can Virtual Replace Live?

This event was a chance for the audience to share their thoughts on the future of the UK events industry and debate these issues with the leading experts in the industry with the help of IML’s new interactive device the IML Connector.


Interaction at the Forum


Each member of the audience was given an IML Connector at the beginning of the event. After a brief introduction to the device the texting facility was opened and remained open for the entire forum, including breaks. This encouraged members of the audience to make comments or ask a question at any point during the forum, using the intuitive QWERTY keyboard. These text messages could be put to the main screen at any point allowing thought-provoking discussions and all comments, opinions and questions to be covered.


Votes were cast throughout the forum to capture audience opinion, questions could be easily answered using the numbered keys. Data was captured instantly and could be displayed to the audience and panellists immediately, helping lead discussions.


The IML Connector’s in-built microphone allowed delegates the opportunity to speak at any time without needing to waiting for a roving microphone. The high quality sound meant everyone could hear the person speaking, and the ability to only have one microphone enabled at any time eliminated disruptions or people talking at the same time. All the time the text messaging facility was open so everyone could have their say at any point.
The moderator asked the IML operator to bring up text messages that were asked at the beginning of the forum to ensure all topics had been covered and any outstanding queries could then be discussed.
QEII Centre logo, forum agenda and speaker biographies were uploaded to the Connectors full colour screen.


Feedback was gained throughout the event. There was a general consensus of opinion at the end that the forum was not only worthwhile but opened up for some new, exciting ideas and for other opportunities which can be developed in the future.
Everyone said they had the information they had been looking for by the end of the session and after another vote using the Connectors it was calculated that 72% of the audience agreed that new technologies are steering a revolution for conferences and events, ensuring they are most cost effective, ideal for gathering valuable feedback and increasing their return on investment.
The use of the IML Connector enabled the forum to be fully interactive and allowed everyone to have their say. The panellists were able to gauge what the audience was thinking and helped lead the discussions.


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