2 May

Gok Wan Films TV Show On The Green Outside The QEIICC

On 12th May 2011, the green outside The Queen Elizabeth II Centre was the site of the biggest ever body confidence lesson, delivered by Gok Wan and his expert team of teachers.

As part of the Channel 4 TV show Gok’s Teens:The Naked Truth, 10 teachers and over 100 pupils from all over the country took part. The site was a prime location for Gok Wan to reignite his ‘Get Your Schools on Board’ Body Confidence campaign, before he embarked into Houses of Parliament for a meeting with MPs about having an hour of body confidence taught per academic year in every secondary school added to the national curriculum.

Gok Wan is urging people to get their school on board by going to www.facebook.com/goksteens and ‘liking’ the page. With your support, Gok can put pressure on the coalition to commit to get teenagers the help and support they need to deal with personal issues through body confidence lessons in school.

Gok’s Teens: The Naked Truth is due to air on Channel 4 this summer.

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