21 Apr

Happy Friday!

What’s your secret agent name?

James Bond, 007, Jason Bourne; just a few names that spring to mind when we mention secret agents. Well now you can add yourself to the list, as doing the rounds on Twitter this week is the secret agent name game, in which you take your middle name and the last thing you ate to create your undercover code name. Some of our favourites are Michael Coco Pops and Tony Scotch Egg, what’s yours?

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April Fools!

The controversy surrounding ‘Fake News’ is rife at the moment and April Fool’s Day couldn’t have come around at a more ironic moment. From new ‘Urban’ camouflage for the British Army to train ticket tattoos, The Telegraph have rounded up some of the best and funniest pranks that you’ll struggle not to raise a smile at.

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Fascinating Fashion

Here at QEII we’ve hosted some spectacular catwalks as part of London Fashion Week, but we know fashion doesn’t always go to plan! Whilst fashion is famous for its weird and whacky – often excused as “edgy” – designs, here are some of the most ridiculous, inexcusable fashion items that certainly didn’t take off.

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♫ How do you like your toast in the morning?

With the London Coffee festival now well underway we’re hearing about some game-changing developments in the Coffee world occurring just around the corner. The days of chocolate spread are over, with the world’s first espresso coffee spread set to change the toast topping game forever. Launching exclusively at Selfridges from 10–16 April at £5.99 a jar, make sure you get your hands on the jet-black goodness before it inevitably sells out!

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Pepsi problems

Hitting the headlines this week has been Pepsi’s controversial advert, labelled the worst ad of all time after receiving severe social media backlash. The advert featuring Kendall Jenner spread the message of “Joining the conversation”, and people sure did that – just not in a way Pepsi would have liked. If you haven’t seen the advert for yourself the click below to see the disaster, as well as some other truly terrible advertising fails.

Atrocious Adverts

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