8 Jul

How event lighting can influence your mood


At the QEII Centre our AV and lighting design specialists know how to use lighting to create the right mood in your events space, says Deborah Jones, AV Manager

Did you know that the colours you see and are surrounded by can dictate your mood? Warmer colours such as reds and oranges will evoke a different type of emotion than cooler colours such as blues and greys. One example is blue and green which experts say has a calming effect.

When you are planning any kind of meeting, it’s best if you consider your colour choices in the planning stages.  This is why when it comes to lighting design at your event, you need to think very carefully about the lighting colours you choose. While having the lighting colours as ‘on brand’ as possible is very important, you should always be thinking about how your guests are feeling and if you have created the right mood in the event space.

Think about the setting of your event. A dinner benefits from dimmed lighting, creating a cosier and calmer evening atmosphere where your guests can let their hair down and relax more. This wouldn’t be as ideal for a lunch, when sunnier and brighter lighting would better stimulate conversation and keep guests alert and productive.

At the QEII Centre we work with experts in all our departments to ensure that we always put on the most amazing and successful events possible. When it comes to design and lighting, this is no exception. We consider every event unique and we make sure that each one looks stunning. For example, when we create a party atmosphere, it is centred around a theme. We hosted a party that required a cold theme downstairs and a hot Samba theme upstairs. To achieve this we used plants, furniture, dance floors and lighting. It’s about overall design where all the elements including lighting come together to realise the concept.

It is paramount that individual lighting themes are used per event as each one is different. When it comes to conferences, launches, summits, seminars, or general meetings, ‘uplighting’ is key: Fresnel lamps add to the atmosphere by creating a flood of light that enables the audience to see the action on stage and profile lamps can create a sharp image for branding, a logo for example, when used with lighting stencils known as gobos. For social events we use lighting known as ‘downlighting’ when colour can create warmth and depth. We also use lamps with moving heads for award ceremonies, to create the animation and excitement. QEII Live can work with you to create a lighting scheme to truly bring your event to life.


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