15 Oct

One Young World Choir

As books are a communication across space and time, so music is too.

There is a certain wonderment that the disparate individuals that make up a choir come together to produce one melodious sound that transcends thoughts and ideas to arrive at a higher plane of peace and harmony.

We find that time spent in Nature can induce a similar response – a sense of the ‘God’ element, Universal Truth, the Infinite, the Beauty of Creation, whatever we prefer to call it, we are moved by it and reminded of how insignificant we are in relation to the Grand Scheme.

And so, we celebrate the One Young World conference and NATO that will take place in October here at the QEII Conference Centre with a collaboration with Alicia Davies from Earthsong Sound Healing. The vases are the choir members, their designs create one coordinated display, the books inside the clear plinths represent ideas, and the sounds fill us with the sense of Nature’s miracle.

This is part of a series of works celebrating nature, sustainability, environmental awareness and craftsmanship.

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