2 Oct

Our Open Day: A Bus Tour, the Corgis, iPads and a Magician…

Gareth Brown is our Sales and Marketing Executive and has worked at QEII Centre for just over two years. In that time Gareth has organised a number of events at the Centre, the Open Day on 20th September 2013 being the most recent; he shares his experience of the day:

The primary reason for the Open Day was to showcase our Centre, its new refurbishments, and to provide an engaging event for our guests. We felt that it was important that the day was structured and themed so that there was a distinct ‘journey’ for the delegates to go on. With this in mind, we created a ‘bus tour’ theme and each ‘stop’ was another room with new sights to see.

Upon entering the Centre, our guests were greeted by a pair of corgis. I can assure you that we don’t normally allow dogs to roam free around the Centre, but since becoming the stars of our advertising campaign, the corgis have become our unofficial mascots.

The guests were then given a name badge, each with its own unique Twitter hashtag. We encouraged everyone to take photos and to tweet them (with the unique hashtag included). We are tracking the tweets and the person with the most retweets will win an iPad mini.

Guests were then escorted to the Churchill Auditorium for coffees, a bite to eat and the chance to partake in our ‘interactive lightshow’. Next stop on the bus tour was the third floor to see our largest exhibition space and a video on Benjamin Britten.

For the final stop on the tour guests were taken to the fifth floor to indulge in the delicious lunch provided by Leith’s. There was a second competition – our ‘Fun British Facts Quiz’ – which guests completed using our iPad pods, whilst a magician roamed the floor. One trick that involved an iPad, a glass and a ten pence piece just about perplexed everyone and I still can’t figure out how he did it!

We were really happy with the Open Day, and we received lots of great feedback from our guests. I can say that, despite the challenges I faced in coordinating an event of this size and complexity, it was really very rewarding.


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