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Our Part in The Royal Wedding

Three-dimensional visuals were drawn up in advance to assess practical sightlines to ensure views for those inside The Centre, then security and health and safety came into play according to required procedures. Special cable runs (links) for both audio-visual and information technology requirements were temporarily installed enabling all clients to receive and send perfect pictures. There were presenters on the platform, photographers sending photographs from there to the QEIICC building for processing then uploading them via our broadband. There were technicians, image-makers and engineers on the ground floor, parties and celebrations on the middle floors and TV studios on the top floors. There was even a camera -repair service. There were television screens everywhere, celebrity-spotting, capturing the first sight of the dress, noting the trees in Abbey, watching the processions and horse guards leaving for the Palace.

There were also makeshift TV studios on every roof as far as the eye could see and people hanging out of windows, waving flags. You could see or receive pictures of everything from The Queen Elizabeth II Centre. That is why there were also police apparent, on the ground, on the roof and in the air. I saw them ‘practising’ on the roof tops before the day but it’s fun to stare at them through your binoculars and see them staring back through theirs!

We are now looking forward to the Royal Jubilee on Monday 4 June 2012 and another four-day weekend for some (but probably not for us…).

Deborah Jones MBA CTS
AV/IT Sales Manager
The Queen Elizabeth II Centre

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