26 Jan

QEII Inspire

Declutter life

Declutter your life, the second in the QEII Inspire series took place in front of a packed audience of people eager to learn how to transform their lives. Professional declutterer Vicky Silverthorn led a workshop full of life tips and hacks to help not only declutter homes but save money and create headspace.

Top tips were:

  • Skinny hangers. Buy non-slip skinny hangers to create swathes of space in your wardrobe. They take up significantly less space than wooden hangers and keep your clothes in shape.
  • Vertical folding. Try folding and stacking t-shirts vertically in drawers. You will not only be able to fit more in but you’ll be able to see exactly what is in the drawer at a glance!
  • Think about the dead space in your cupboards. Could cupboard space be utilised more effectively be adding an extra shelf?
  • Keep fresh perishable items at eye level in the fridge and never have to throw mouldy veg away again!
  • Is your kitchen stocked like a shop? How many spares do you really need? Use items up and only buy what you actually need to replace.
  • Bathroom storage, start using things up. Nobody needs 6 bottles of half used shampoo, again, only buy things when you’ve run out.

Vicky made several good points about our throwaway, consumer culture. Whilst she encourages you to get rid of what you don’t need, her broader point is to only buy what you really need and care for it, value your possessions and buy things because you deserve them. Declutter now to free up time to do what is important and what you really want to do.  Nobody wants to spend their free time tidying up when they could be abseiling, learning a new language or spending some time with loved ones! There are certainly some tips that we’ll be trying!

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