1 Jul

QEIICC Demonstrate AV Soft Blend System

On Friday 15th July, The Queen Elizabeth II Centre held a demonstration of their AV soft blend system for event organisers.

Deborah Jones, AV/IT Sales Manager said: “This equipment enables us to produce high definition, super bright crisp images in a widescreen format. This image can then be ‘inset’ with video eg a head and shoulders shot at the lectern, and another perhaps of a PowerPoint presentation. Because of the sheer scale of the image, obtained by ‘edge-blending’ separate projectors, compelling content can be created using familiar software such as PowerPoint and Keynote.

“Sometimes a large screen negates the need for a stage set. These photos use both but the bigger the screen, the less need for the backdrop as the animated images actually become the backdrop.”

For more information about The QEIICC’s AV soft blend system – please contact Deborah Jones, AV/IT Sales Manager. T: 020 7798 4118 E: deborah.jones@qeiicentre.london

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