5 Jul

QEIICC Masterclass at The Meetings Show UK: 20 Tips for attracting more people to your event

Steve Elliott, Managing Director of Blackberry Productions will be presenting a free QEIICC Masterclass at The Meetings Show UK, Olympia at 11.50pm on Tuesday 09 July, titled ‘20 Tips for attracting more people to your events’. Steve shares just a few tips to give us a taster of what will be covered:

1. The start point for almost any event has to be Research. Finding who, what, where and when other events are taking place around your planned event date is critical to optimising the number of people that can and will attend your event.

2. You’ll probably have a good idea of the Objectives for your event. That is until someone asks you what they are. If you are not crystal clear on the aims and purpose of your event and what success is going to look and feel like you risk not communicating clearly with your target audience.  

3. A Draft plan Is always a great way to begin to get your ideas and thinking structured  and begin to create a framework around which other elements of the event can be developed. Begin with simple logistics, start and finish times, get in, break down, key features of the event and then build on from there.

4. Particularly for ‘first time’ events it is good to Test your draft plan with groups of people that have a vested interest in the success of the event. Include target audience groups in the testing exercise. The wider you test the longer time you’ll need to carry out the exercise. 

5. Content they say is kIng. All speakers must be effectively briefed and managed to align their content with your core theme. Rich content, properly communicated will encourage people to get involved and excited about your event.

6. People need to know if attending an event will be ‘worth their time and/or money’. A clear statement of features and Benefits, repeated frequently in your marketing will attract and encourage people to attend events.

7. Frequently the first thing people do before starting planning an event is book the Venue. This is a big mistake. It’s not just about availability on your preferred dates and capacity. The choice of venue should reflect the personality of the event.

8. Thinking hard about your target number of guests/delegates/attendees is critical. I’d always plan to ‘Sell out’ and be oversubscribed. It is so much easier to manage a waiting list than chase numbers.

9. To maximise the numbers of people attending your event effective Promotion is vitally important. I believe in going out to the market as early as possible to achieve the best results. Establish the date in the diary, run a tease campaign releasing an early indication of headlines and highlights. Feedback from previous years is really useful.

10. Ultimately it’s about designing, developing and delivering a high quality event experience that establishes and builds a positive Reputation with a target audience as the ‘go to’ event for your chosen theme.

Successful events that attract an audience, engage and interact with them and ultimately inspire them will be based on robust upfront research, detailed planning and excellent delivery to ensure that what we create not only meets but surpasses the expectations of our audience.

So, that’s just my top ten tips – to hear more in-depth information, and for the other ten, please come along to my Masterclass at The Meetings Show UK.

Steve Elliott will be presenting a QEIICC Masterclass atitled: ‘20 Tips for attracting more people to your events’ at The Meetings Show UK, Olympia on Tuesday 09th July 11:50 – 12:35.


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