7 Mar

Why Snapchat Works for Events

The QEII Centre have recently designed and trialled a GEO filter on Snapchat for the venue and here are some snaps taken by QEII Staff;


Pretty cool right? Well, we think so and it’s great fun! But if you’re not familiar with Snapchat or would like a better understanding of how it works, here’s a brief insight about the app and why we believe it’s worth utilising for your event.

Snapchat is becoming the fastest growing social app for photo messaging and video sharing as it has a reported 100 million daily active users and 10 billion mobile videos currently viewed every day which is insane!

The core feature of Snapchat is taking photos or short videos that can be personalised with text, filters and stickers. The filters are certainly a Snapchat trademark and it’s become so popular that different social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram have tried to emulate this feature. This is a huge compliment for Snapchat as we believe imitation is the best form of flattery.

Snapchat have introduced a GEO filter which allows you to create a custom filter for your special event based on the location or venue. The process is quite simple. You design the filter, select the area or venue you would like the filter to appear in and then Snapchat will present the cost for the duration selected. Once submitted and approved by Snapchat, your GEO filter will be live and ready to use.

We believe having a GEO filter on Snapchat is a fantastic tool to have for any event and here’s a few reasons why. Firstly, it shows your guests that as an individual or business, you’re very much in trend when it comes to new social media apps and that you understand your audience. Secondly, it will add value to the whole experience as your guests will remember the event with the snaps they’ve taken from using the filter. But more importantly, a custom filter will bring uniqueness and exclusivity to the event as only invited guests in the venue are able to use the filter and this is great for events such as business product launches, award shows, weddings and social parties. This app may not appeal to everyone but it’s important to understand that visual content is the most popular way of sharing content these days so don’t fall behind and join the latest social media craze.

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