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The Food Standards Authority

Glasgows, based in Preston, and a regular client of The Queen Elizabeth II Centre, rang to ask about a provisional booking in one of our larger areas, the Churchill Auditorium.

They had been to a client contact meeting and this meeting was to change from the usual top table/lectern format to a discussion panel for a live television programme.

Firstly a customised stage set was designed and a visual drawn up, to incorporate dual projection screens of a maximum size and designed to reflect the corporate image of the end client, The Food Standards Authority. Interface used 4 Sanyo XF35 data/video projectors, flown on double hanging frames to project images from a 7-camera shoot, DigiBeta playback and PowerPoint. These were recorded to an analogue and digital webcast.

The microphones included 18 radio microphones, were mixed on the house desk, an Allen & Heath ML4000 and on an additional desk ‘slaved’ onto the main desk so that a separate mix was sent to the broadcast and webcast from the house PA. Interface made full use of the house PA system consisting of 14 Nexo PS10s (front of house); 4 Nexo LS500s (bass bins, front of house) and 2 x Nexo PS8s for foldback to the stage. Four Klark Technik DN300 graphic equalisers and 2 Klark Technik DN7454 multi-processors (delay/compressor/limiters) are part of this system.

Lighting, including uplighting with break-up gobos to create a dappling effect and plenty of lighting for camera completed the technical specification. Full audience lighting using single cell codas were rigged throughout.

The programme went out live.


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