1 Aug

The QEIICC Improves Energy Efficiency Rating By Nearly 30percent

The Queen Elizabeth II Centre (The QEIICC) has improved its energy efficiency rating by nearly 30percent and is now rated above the government target for energy efficiency in buildings. The Centre has just been awarded a category D rating based on a mark of 95.

Ernest Vincent, Chief Executive stated: “Our team has worked hard over the past three years to vastly reduce the energy the building consumes. Improvements have included installing electrical inverters to reduce the amount of electricity used, the installation of boiler controls, light sensors, LED lighting and new procedures to guide staff to be more energy efficient.”

In June 2008 the government introduced guidelines and legislation that required all government buildings to carry out a survey to assess the amount of energy being used. The QEIICC was then given an operational rating based on meter readings of the actual energy used in the building. It is compared to a benchmark that represents performance indicative of all similar buildings.

The ratings are categorised from A (super efficient with a mark of 0 – 25) through to G (extremely non efficient with a mark of over 150).

QEII Centre’s scores follow:

Year 1 (June 2008) – F rating of 132,
Year 2 (June 2009) – F rating of 126
Year 3 (June 2010) – E rating of 111,
Year 4 (June 2011) – D rating of 95.

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