27 Mar

The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre to participate in Earth Hour

The Queen Elizabeth II Centre (QEIICC) will be participating in ‘Earth Hour’ this coming Saturday (29th March 2014) at 8.30pm.

Earth Hour is a worldwide initiative created by environmental charity WWF whereby millions of buildings across the globe turn off their lights for one hour. WWF organised Earth Hour to highlight its aim of a sustainable future for the planet. QEII Centre will be joining other landmark buildings across the world – from Big Ben and Buckingham Palace to the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building.

Sue Etherington, commercial director, QEII Centre said: “As a prominent, landmark building, we were obviously keen to participate in this important, worldwide event. We have a client event that day, so all nonessential lights will be switched off as soon as the client has left the building, and then at 8.30pm all internal and external lights will be switched off for the hour.”

Both the QEIICC and their in-house caterers Leith’s have comprehensive sustainability policies that cover issues including power usage and conservation, noise pollution, sustainable food sourcing and food miles.


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