8 Dec

Who is Snowy the Reindeer?

Snowy the reindeer has recently taken up residence in the QEII event managers' office. A very personable chap who is partial to a mince pie and a chat so we thought this week's '5 minutes with' should be with him. You can also catch Snowy on Twitter @Snowy_QEII

Hi Snowy, how old are you?

I am 2 and ¾ years old.

Where have you come from?

I live in Lapland with my Mum, my Dad and the rest of the herd. I’ve got two sisters called Crystal and Amber.

What are you doing in London?

I’m on holiday, I haven’t been to London before and I am very excited about seeing all of the sights. I can’t wait to go on the London Eye and I’m really looking forward to visiting the Southbank Winter Festival – I’ve heard the hot chocolate there is nearly as good as at the North Pole!

There are lots of great hotels in London, where are you staying?

I am staying with my good friends at the QEII Centre who have made sure I have enough dandelions, carrots and mince pies to eat – sometimes Danny, the head chef, sneaks me a bit of mulled wine (hic!).

Are you working over Christmas?

I might have to; I’m on the first reserve list for deliveries this year so I have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Comet is quite clumsy and managed to get a hoof stuck in a chimney pot last year and my uncle Gerald had to step in part way through…  so Father Christmas might need me this year.

Do you get overtime?

I get paid in Christmas spirit!

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

I have been a good reindeer this year so I am really hoping for a giant white toblerone, a reindeer onesie and a PS4

Tell us a secret about Father Christmas?

He uses snow spray on his beard to make it look extra white.

What’s your new year’s resolution?

To work very hard to be part of the A-Team for next year’s Christmas deliveries.

We're sure you can do that Snowy, we believe in you!

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