Case Studies

25 Jan

Education Research

As well as hosting association events concerned with education and research we also run many events which are devoted to educational matters without a membership base.  We have a number of clients who rely heavily on branding and sponsorship for their revenues rather than a membership fee or registrations.  

Through the stage set design, outside advertising space, IPTV, bespoke lighting (custom gobos, stage set lighting designs) and digital walls we can promote their image and offer their sponsors exposure for their delegates.  We are responding to the demand for event applications running content that can be downloaded or accessed via a web browser and that are constantly updated, which can reach out and locate like-minded individuals and group attendees electronically according to their interests and specialities.  

Our robust infrastructure including fibre ‘backbone’ and free wifi encourages our delegates to mingle and make the most of the digital services during their event.  Our broadcast links enable larger companies to transmit live to and from their local studios and our own 3-chip digital cameras enable us to record ‘in isolation’ and/or a camera mix, then relay this feed live throughout the centre via our IPTV and digital signage.  

Clients and sponsors achieve maximum exposure for a relatively inexpensive cost as we use our on-site equipment which has been installed to a ‘bespoke’ design for each space and is operated and maintained by our highly trained and experienced in-house staff.  We are members of Infocomm and our technicians are currently working towards their Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) qualification.  The clients have access to the best equipment for each room and qualified professional project management as part of the service.

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