Case Studies

21 Dec

Government Summit

We run a surprising number of international Government summits.  They often involve elaborate ‘hollow square’ furniture requirements with separate areas for observers, press facilities, secretariats from each member state and often outside space for ‘stand-up’ positions.  Because the furniture configuration tends to be 4-sided, projection is the same as every delegate on each side of the square needs to have screens in front of them.  Observers on the outside have the same facility.  The audio is configured in the same way but often includes a multi-language simultaneous interpretation rig with push-to-talk desk microphone units and voting systems.  

Security cameras are often used, especially ‘dome’ cameras which are rigged on our truss and managed via a toggle.  These cameras zoom in using the activated push-to-talk microphones.  Other cameras send a feed to various press areas, which are heavily branded for the photo opportunities.  There may be 10 such meetings running concurrently every day of the conference alongside its subsidiaries.

ICT provide printers, telephones, Wi-Fi (password protected) and static network cabling, conference phones, power outlets, and laptops plus labour. Each delegation requires the same and equal technical facilities.

Deborah Jones

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