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11 Apr

Flower power comes to the QEII Centre

A budding partnership is blooming at London’s QEII Centre, where Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design has been installing monthly exhibitions in celebration of nature, environmental awareness, sustainability and craftsmanship.

Three displays have embellished the venue since the initiative launched in January, with each installation carefully designed to educate and inspire event attendees and staff at the centre.

The first creation, entitled ‘Tunnel Vision’, represented the roots of craftsmanship in the UK. Delicate pieces of satin ribbon were suspended from the ceiling and the sides of the ‘tunnel’ were filled with tall vases of flowers and foliage which rose to meet the ribbon, completing the sense of enclosure while the dark moody colours of the ribbon reflected the wintry weather to create a unique, awe-inspiring installation. A series of different flowers, from tulips and lilies to camellia, were used to create the piece, which was especially spectacular as it started in leaf only and flowered over time.

In February, QEII welcomed the ‘Washing Line’ which had a sustainable message at its core. The exhibit was based on the negative effects of plastic bags and used strips of plastic alongside melted bubble wrap to frame the floral design of spring bulbs, selected to be pretty, light and perfumed and lift the spirits after the darkness of winter.

The latest floristry exhibit has been designed around the theme of ‘reuse, recycle and restore’. Using recycled newspapers, the exhibit signposts the amount of newspaper that goes to waste and its recycling possibilities.

Speaking of the collaboration, Elizabeth Marsh said: “The QEII Centre is the largest venue of its kind in central London and provides the perfect backdrop for our message. The team at the QEII Centre also shares our values around environmentally-friendly education – we are extremely pleased to be able to showcase our work in this way.”

Diane Waldon, sales and marketing director at the QEII Centre said: “We have been thrilled with the displays so far, they have not only been a beautiful way to decorate the venue, but genuinely thought-provoking and inspiring too. They reflect QEII’s own values around sustainability and environmental awareness and always attract a lot of attention from visitors to the centre.”

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