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12 Nov

QEView with Rebecca Bentham

Rebecca Bentham, Event Manager, QEII Taste

 Over the coming months, we’re going to be getting a unique view of London from our very own QEII team members, finding out what they love about London, what secret spots they recommend to visitors to our city, and some of the weird and wonderful sights that make London such a special place.

First up, we spoke to our QEII Taste event manager Rebecca Bentham – having grown up in the Canaries, Rebecca has now settled into the London lifestyle and looks forward to welcoming visitors to show them the sights.

What do you think makes London special?

London can be one of the loneliest cities in the world, however, if you get into the swing of London-Life there is no where on earth quite like it: Every borough different to the next, the trendy cafés, restaurants, dazzling lights, more art centres and museums than you would think even possible and an amazing literature scene. I find it amazing that the same steps I walk in London, so has Dickens, Darwin and Oscar Wilde.

Where is your favourite bar/restaurant?

‘Mari Vanna’ – a Russian restaurant in Knightsbridge. ‘Maggie Jones’ in Kensington is also great.

What’s your favourite thing you see on your commute?

I cycle so I don’t see much, but easily Battersea Power Station, every time.

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever come across in London?

A whale swimming up the Thames.

What was the most unique street performance you’ve seen?

Not so much performance, but I’ve seen some seriously talented art near Trafalgar Square.

Where’s the most scenic route you know in London for a walk?

Good question, there are quite a few! However, Greenwich was the first place I moved to in London so I would have to say from ‘The Trafalgar’ Pub on the Thames in Greenwich all the way through to the top of the park next to the Royal Observatory. Plus, at night you can see the GMT line!

Is there somewhere you would recommend to visitors as a ‘hidden gem’ in London?

Greenwich! Every time I have visitors from the States they’ve never heard of Greenwich but are always blown away – every time! If in the centre of London then ‘Gordon’s Wine Bar’, but I think that made it to Lonely Planet a few years back and now its ridiculously busy, even on a Monday afternoon!

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