20 Jan

The QEIICC sees 300 per cent increase in events using social media:

The Queen Elizabeth II Centre (the QEIICC), has seen a 300 per cent increase in the number of client companies that use social media to promote their events at the Centre.

The three fold increase was recorded in the last six month of 2013 – measured against the first six months of the same year.

Sue Etherington, Commercial Director, QEII Centre said: “In 2013 we started to survey our clients as to whether they were using social media to promote their events and which channels they use. QEII Centre was an early adopter of social media and we have several active channels. We use these channels to interact with our clients and help promote their events. It’s a service that has been really well received, and one which confirms our proactive and ‘can do’ approach. We have found that Twitter is the most popular channel. Facebook tends to be used more for Association events, whilst we are seeing an increase in the number of companies using Linked In to promote business events.

“QEII Centre has also run Social Media Masterclasses and informal educational lunches for clients to help educate them in the use of social media – and these have always been very successful and well received.”

QEIICC clients that have used social media to promote their events include: TEDx Houses of Parliament, World Gas Forum, StemTech UK, Start Up Britain and the World Health Organisation.

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