Terms & Conditions

IT at the QEII Centre – Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions

‘The Centre’ refers to The Queen Elizabeth II Centre

‘The Customer’ refers to the authorised signatory to invoice for hire of equipment and/or services

‘Event’ means the event for which the customer is to hire the Centre

‘Event Date’ means the first date of the hire period detailed on the Hire Agreement

  1. The cost of hiring any equipment or service (including labour charges) will be calculated after the Event in accordance with the unit rate, quantity and number of days or hours referred to overleaf, or in the Estimate (errors and omissions excepted).
    1. The rigging, operating and de-rigging of all equipment attracts technicians’ time charges for which estimates are given – the actual time is calculated after the Event from technicians’ time sheets.
    2. The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
    3. The Centre reserves the right to surcharge for amendments to requirements made within five working days of the commencement of the hire period.
    4. Each estimate is customised and cannot be subdivided.
    5. We can only guarantee availability on any equipment and labour authorised more than 5 working days prior to the event. Any equipment and labour supplied within 5 working days of the event could be subject to extra costs.
    1. Any equipment hired to the Customer will be operated during the Event by staff employed by the Centre.
    2. Equipment hired for use in the Centre may not be operated during the Event by the Customer.
    3. The Customer agrees to make good any damage or loss to equipment which is operated if paragraphs 2a and 2b are not followed.
    4. The Customer agrees to make good any damage or loss (however caused) to equipment which is hired to the Customer for use outside the Centre.
    5. The Centre agrees to replace or repair any equipment hired to the Customer which is found to be defective or faulty.
  2. The Centre reserves the right to substitute alternative equipment and/or services where original equipment and/or services are unobtainable or inappropriate or not able to be used.
  3. The Centre reserves the right to charge a deposit in respect of any equipment or service to be provided by the Centre.
  4. The Customer agrees to pay the Centre a cancellation charge amounting to:
    1. 50% of the total estimated cost of the hire if the Event is cancelled within five days before the Event date; or
    2. The total estimated cost of the hire if the Event is cancelled within 48 hours before the Event date.
  5. Additional equipment and/or services requested immediately prior to, or during an Event must be signed for by the Customer or authorised signatory on an additional request form, on which the estimated additional prices will be clearly shown.
    1. The Customer warrants to the Centre that he/she is entitled to the copyright, or is authorised by the Copyright owner in respect of, any material which he/she intends to transmit, record, broadcast, re-broadcast or project audibly and/or visually.
    2. The Customer agrees to indemnify the Centre in respect of any claim for any breach of copyright caused by the transmission, recording, broadcasting, re-broadcasting or audible and/or visual projection by the Customer of any material on or by means of equipment hired to him/her by the Centre.
    1. The Centre will not accept responsibility for disruption and inconvenience to, or the ruination of an Event and/or presentation where sub-standard slide materials and/or poor quality video playback material, have been presented to a technician for projection.
  6. The centre can accept no responsibility for delays or non-arrival of electronically mailed presentations or for corruptions/errors during electronic transit. The Customer agrees that the Centre will not be held responsible for failure to notify speakers and/or slide/video users of the minimum acceptable standards, or failure to gain their precise requirements, or for the unforeseen requirements of late-arriving speakers and/or slide/video users.
  7. The Customer agrees that the Centre shall not be liable for any damage and/or loss to any media – including originals and one-off materials, unless the damage and/or loss is caused by the negligence of the Centre or its staff. ‘Media’ for the purpose includes any slides, computer software, graphics, originals and artwork.
  8. The Centre restricts the use of single or multi-channel radio microphone systems because of the possibility of cross-channel interference between floors and differing events. We utilise reserved UHF radio microphone channels and frequently hire in additional channels. Permission must be obtained first from the Centre’s Production Manager by an outside production house, media organisation, or customer, wishing to use radio microphones. The in-house UHF frequencies are:

631.500, 632.250, 633.150, 634.350, 635.150, 636.150, 636.750, 637.450, 637.850, 647.450, 648.250, 648.950, 649.700, 650.700, 651.450, 652.450, 655.750, 656.750, 657.750, 658.750, 659.950, 660.750, 661.350, 661.850, 752.250, 752.725, 753.675, 754.000, 756.075, 756.500, 757.275, 764.700, 765.500, 765.950, 766.800, 769.950, 770.925, 772.500

We do not advise using frequencies on Channel 38 as this has been known to give problems in the Westminster area.

  1. All estimates for sets and staging are for the hire of said items, not for their purchase.
  2. All estimates, contracts, plans, models, artwork, samples and specifications prepared by or ordered through the Centre remain confidential between the Centre and Customer and are not to be passed to a third party for a competitive bid.
  3. Charges are levied for access to the Centre’s technical areas and for use of the Centre internal cabling network. Use of technical areas is only permitted under the supervision of Centre staff for which a charge will be made. Simultaneous Interpretation Booths are normally included in the above arrangement and are not available for use other than for interpretation.
  4. A 7% production fee will be levied on each Event.
  5. Production companies working with Centre crew and equipment or third party suppliers will be required to sign a document stating clear lines of authority throughout the hire period and must deal entirely with the Centre Production Manager and/or designated authority in the direction of Centre audio-visual staff.

The Customer agrees that any person employed or authorised by him/her to deal with any equipment or service in relation to the Event shall comply with any direction or instruction given to him/her in relation to the use of any equipment by the staff employed by the Centre.

When working with production companies our practice is not to ‘mix and match’ responsibilities i.e. each crew will be responsible for a defined discipline e.g. sound, lights or projection rather than sharing it as a joint responsibility. QEII Centre and the production company will only be authorized to operate the equipment supplied by the respective parties.

  1. The Centre agrees to use its best endeavours to provide the equipment and perform the services specified in relation to the Event. The Centre does not however accept any liability for any failure to provide equipment or perform services where that failure is beyond the reasonable control of the Centre or its authorised agents. QEII Centre Live staff.
  2. The Centre does not accept any liability for any loss or damage which arises directly or indirectly out of the use of the equipment or the performance (unless such loss arises from the negligence of the Centre or its staff). The Customer agrees to indemnify the Centre against any claim for any such loss or damage.
  3. Hired equipment remains at all times the property of the Centre. The Customer shall not sell, or offer for sale, assign, mortgage or pledge the equipment or any part or parts thereof and the Customer will keep the equipment in their own possession for their own use and will not allow any lien or other encumbrance to be created in respect of the same.

The Centre reserves the right to take steps to recover equipment from premises or in possession of the Customer and/or representative(s) where the hire thereof is terminated by non-compliance with any one or more of these conditions.

  1. The client is responsible for their software and hardware used in events and the Centre will be responsible for theirs.
  2. The Centre reserves the right to amend the information and prices contained in this booklet without prior notice. Please read these Terms and Conditions in conjunction with the Centre’s Standard Conditions of Hire.

Credit facilities may be available and must be arranged at least 14 days prior to the event.  Please contact Credit Control Clerk Lynne Runcorn on Tel: 0207 798 4074 or Fax 0207 798 4180 or Email: