4 Sep

Reopening the QEII Centre: Building a safe and sustainable future

Before the Covid-19 pandemic began, the team at the QEII Centre were working hard to prioritise one of the biggest responsibilities in the industry – sustainability. From rejecting single use plastic to reducing food waste and increasing recycling, we were proud of the positive changes we were making, leading us to achieve the Green Tourism silver award in March 2020.

While sustainability has not been forgotten, our key priority changed to protecting our staff, clients and delegates in the fight against Covid-19. This however gave us time to review our sustainability plan and with the QEII Centre preparing to reopen on 1 October, we are pleased to once again demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

In building a safe and sustainable future, we have implemented several changes in the centre. Biodegradable garment covers (Bio Polyrols) will be used in the cloakroom to cover and separate coats from delegates.  These are made in a clear biodegradable material that features a small green logo, to let our customers know that our covers are eco-friendly. Additionally, we have installed 146 toilet seat covers holders made from biodegradable material.

We have increased the number of bins around the Centre to help ensure recyclable items can be recycled and PPE is disposed of in a safe manner. Furthermore, as we have motion sensor lighting in over 50% of the building, this will help not waste electricity when rooms are not in use.

QEII Taste are adapting quickly and efficiently for the ‘new normal’ with regards to culinary excellence which has always been at the forefront of our business.

Hot boxes have been chosen specifically as they are the most sustainable single-use option there can be and for added safety, they will be sealed with a sticker. The plastic pots we use for fruit, yogurt etc. are also recyclable and we use wooden cutlery where possible which again, can be recycled. Refreshments such as biscuits, pastries and cakes will be individually packaged using paper bags as opposed to plastic, and as before the pandemic, any biscuits broken during the baking process will be used to form the basis of other desserts to minimise food waste. Finally, in the kitchen, chefs will be preparing the food in full PPE to ensure optimum safety.

Our ongoing commitment to reducing food waste will be maintained by allowing guests to help themselves, this in turn will also avoid queues. Physical distancing displays and floor signage will help to reinforce this.

We want to give you the assurance and confidence that your event can be delivered safely and successfully whilst retaining the culinary excellence for which we are best known. We want to work with you to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience and our culinary teams have devised a selection of new menus to fuel your guests and ensure their safety is prioritised.

As we focus on re-opening the event industry, sustainability will be regarded as an important factor in every event – whatever the size.


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