Conference Venues Central London Based Are Ideal

Conference venues central London based have one huge advantage – they are easy to get to. The benefits of planning a conference held in central London outweigh the costs. If you hold, for example, a conference in a smaller city somewhere across the UK, you might find the number of delegates dwindles due to transport issues. Equally, if you’re hoping your conference will attract international delegates, it holds true that venue hire London wide options remain a better hope for attracting them. As with all decisions regarding your conference, you must look at what your company and delegates expect, then work from there.

Central London conference venues are ideal for several reasons. Firstly, London is linked internally in a way most other towns and cities across the UK are, as yet, unable to reach. The London Underground, Docklands Light Railway and extensive London Bus routes allows you and your delegates to travel with ease to a central London location for the various mainline stations across the Capital. This ensures that people can access your venue easily. On a similar note, the number of mainlines travelling into London make it easy for people across the country to travel to London. Whether your delegates are travelling from, there is likely a train service that gets them to London.

In your search for conference venues London based, look no further than the QEII Centre. We are recognised as one of the premier conference venues in central London, with an emphasis on flexibility and accessibility. We are only 4 minutes’ walk away from the nearest Tube station, with 3 mainline rail stations also within 20 minutes’ walking distance. In addition, Heathrow is only 47 minutes away. When you’re looking for conference venues in central London, you simply can’t get any better than the QEII Centre. You can learn more about our venue and location by visiting, or by calling +44 (0) 207798 4000.