London Conference Centre Choices Must Be Accessible

London conference centre options vary in size, shape, and location. As such, you may be overwhelmed by choice. However, something that is ever more important in conference organisation is accessibility. Your visitors expect and deserve to have venue hire London based options that allow equal access to individuals with disabilities. If you neglect this point, your conference will not only suffer from not attracting the best delegates, it will also be remembered as inaccessible. That’s why it’s important that you select a venue which takes their responsibilities to people with disabilities seriously. Being open to everyone will massively improve the success of your conference.

Accessibility begins with transport options. When you’re looking at conference space London based, you should check whether there is blue badge parking available near the venue and whether drivers may drop off disabled passengers close to the venue entrance. Ideally, your conference centre London wide should also be near to a step free tube station to allow greater access. Other vital considerations include disabled toilet facilities around the venue, a guide dog policy and any access to induction loops. Taken together, these options allow delegates with disabilities to attend where they otherwise might not have, and opens your conference up to a wider audience.

At the QEII Centre, we are proud of our venue’s accessibility. As a central London conference centre, we take our obligations seriously and that’s why we have the full range of facilities to cater for the differing needs of individuals with disabilities. This includes induction loops, disabled toilets and blue badge parking on our forecourt. Our fire officer is also adept at creating personal evacuation plans for those who need them in the unlikely event of an emergency. Discover more about our venue and our accessibility commitments by visiting our website at You can also enquire by phone on +44 (0) 207798 4000 and speak to one of our team about your individual needs.